Have you experienced councils, neighbouring houses or others objecting to planning permission for your development application? At Urbanista, we can drive the intricate approvals process through the relevant local governments, Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority, Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage/Western Australian Planning Commission and other relevant state government authorities.

We can undertake the entire process for you, from pre-lodgement meetings, lodgement and justification reports, through to presentations and determination. Alternatively, if you are experiencing problems or delays after lodging an application yourself, we can facilitate a quick resolution.

At Urbanista Town Planning, we have more than 25 years of experience in relevant local government experience and have dealt with every development application, including large and unique projects.

Specifically, we can help with the following types of development applications (and more):

Additions to Single Houses (Single Dwelling)

Considering extending your house or installing a front fence or garage, and dealing with difficulties with your local government? We can help you achieve the outcome you want through the development application process.

Single Houses (Single Dwelling)

Looking to build your dream home but concerned that it does not fit within the requirements set out by your local government? We can help you from concept through to development approval to ensure your vision is realised.

Town Houses (Grouped Dwellings)

Got a property where you can build multiple homes and are looking to maximise your potential? Our team can assist you with your plans for a town house development, whether you are building two dwellings or a greenfield development.

Over 55 Developments (Aged or Dependant Persons’ or Single Bedroom Dwellings)

Looking to construct a high-rise dwelling for aged people or over 55s with low, medium or high amenities to cater for a wide range of needs? Or considering building a small scale aged or dependant persons’ or single bedroom dwellings? We have plenty of experience in achieving positive outcomes for these developments and are here to assist.

Mixed Use Developments

Considering building a development with both commercial and residential aspects? We have experience dealing with projects of all scales and can help you navigate the planning process to achieve a positive outcome.

Granny Flats (Ancillary Dwellings)

Thought about generating increased revenue or having intergenerational housing? We will help you to understand ancillary dwelling requirements and facilitate a positive outcome through your local government.

Apartments (Multiple Dwellings)

Apartments are fast becoming the future within metropolitan Perth and town centres across WA. However, apartment developments are becoming increasingly scrutinised. Most local governments now have the inclusion of a Design Review Panel, which considers multiple dwelling developments prior to, or during, the application process.

At Urbanista Town Planning, we have extensive experience navigating through the DRP process to achieve desired outcomes. We’ve managed a range of multiple dwelling developments, from $1 million projects to in excess of $70 million, within both local government and private planning.

When we are engaged in the concept phase, we can assist in determining what type of variations to seek depending on the local government authority, or whether an application would best be dealt with by the Joint Development Assessment Panel.

If your local council is objecting to your planning application, talk to our team today. With years of experience with local and state government, we can help you obtain permission for your development project.